Good to be back

After a week in New Mexico getting to know more about carbonate rocks, it feels very good to be back in my little apartment, sitting on my couch, not scrambling around amongst the cacti with a several-hundred foot drop inches away.  🙂  I never thought I had a problem with heights – and I suppose there are better ways to find out than cliff-climbing, but at least now I know!  And I know that if worse came to worst, I could do it again.  I wouldn’t want to, but I could.  Shudder.  Hopefully I’ll get photos soon – not taken by me, of course.  That would have meant letting go long enough to click the shutter.

In any case, I am back now, and a whole week behind on my NaNoWriMo … bad me.  Time to go get the train rolling again.  Maybe I can somehow randomly get my characters stuck on a cliff in New Mexico…

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