Snowing again

At least two inches. We’re all in shock, including the dogs. This is not normal. But it means more knitting time can be legitimized in my mom’s eyes, sitting in front of the fire with good music on and a mug of tea. šŸ™‚ I finally finished the lace afghan for Grandma’s Christmas present, and discovered too late that one of the balls was a slightly different shade of white than the others. Oops. Always check dye lot… It’s not so bad, though. Just looks like a shadow, or something. So now I just have to block it and I can drop it off on my way back to school in a few days. Yay!

On to more interesting and colorful things – Mom’s sweater is stalled, as I look for, apparently, the only color of Cascade 220 that no one carries. Of course.

And the top-secret afghan # 2, for someone who shall remain nameless, is begun! I love the Kureyon colors, even if it does feel a bit scratchy and has little pieces of grass in it. That’s just added authenticity, right?

Anyone else fall asleep while knitting? That happens to me all the time, no matter how complicated the thing I’m working on. Unless I have the tv on, I zonk out like a narcoleptic cat, sideways on the couch with yarn all over me. It makes waking up rather interesting…

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