Knitting and apple pie

I suppose I should be getting a head start on reading for classes, or researching who I want to work on my thesis with, but instead I spent the day knitting and making a pie.  Mm.

The knitting has been going on for a while, but was put on hold until I would be in one place for a while.  Well, I’m stuck here in Texas until December, so … sweater time!  I have to buy the rest of my yarn, and I haven’t been paid yet, so that’s problematic, but I’ll figure something out.

The main question is, do I rip this out and knit the full sweater in the round, as planned, or do I keep knitting this as one of the pieces of the finished garment?  Oh – just had a thought – I probably won’t be able to match dye lots!  Frogging it is.

The pie – that’s for a friend. I hope it tastes okay.  I’m making it with five types of apples, which I know makes a good pie, but I’m baking the cheddar cheese right into the crust this time, which I’ve never done before.  So I hope I didn’t just ruin a perfectly yummy pie!  God, the smell is killing me…

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