A bee in my bonnet

Or rather, in my ear.  What an interesting bike ride today.  This is the second time this year that I have been out for a ride, and a bee has flown into my ear.  And not just the sort of bzzzz, whap, whee, the bee hits you and bounces off.  Oh, no.  This is bzzzzz – WHOMP – squirm, bz, bz, bz, wheee!  Bee goes into my ear, rolls around a little in confusion, and then flies merrily away to watch me pull over to the side of the road and do a frantic ‘holy-crap-there’s-a-bee-IN-MY-EAR!’ dance.  At least they did not sting me, either time.  But jeeze!  Is there a bee conspiracy?  Or is this the answer to hive collapse?  They’re all off hunting me down to freak me out!

That was weird thing number one.  Weird thing number two: mummified flat toads.  All over the road.  Clearly flattened by cars, and then baked in the lovely Texas heat to little leathery toad-shaped pancakes.  But why so many?  And all at once?  Bizarre.  Bee-zarre?  🙂  Too much?

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