Long Tuesday

Spent the first two hours of the night blissfully asleep in bed, proud of myself for falling asleep at 9:45.  Then someone next door started playing weird twangy music with very strange wailing vocals.  Maybe it was supposed to be country music.  Or honky tonk.  But in any case, it woke me up.  I hate that – waking up a couple of hours into the night.  You’ve had a decent nap, so now it’s that much harder to fall back to sleep.  Especially if the twanging keeps up from outside, which it did.  Eventually, after trying to sleep with my head sandwiched between two pillows to block the noise and failing, I moved out of my nice cozy bed and into my front room to sleep on the Ikea couch.  Not cozy.  I dozed in and out until 4:30, when I staggered back to my bed, in the quiet at last.  Slept for two mour hours, until my alarm went off, and went stumbling off to meet Rebecca for a run. What a night.

The run was fun, though, in a foggy sort of way.  A pretty morning, on a surprisingly crowded trail along Town Lake (or Lake Austin, or Lady Bird Lake, depending on who you ask).  I got my first blister, which is of course classic.  None for months, and then six days before a race – poof!  Blister!  Surprise.  But the run was fun.  Really.

Post-run was the mad rush to shower, eat, and bike to campus, which my sore hip did not appreciate, but I made it in plenty of time, so my hip can just go be cranky by itself.  Class all morning, with me trying desperately not to fall asleep – and this on the fourth day of school!  Bad sign… But lunch was nice.  We went to the Alumni Center and got grilled sandwiches – how delicious!  And extravagant.  No more of that.

Afternoon lab was interesting but freezing.  Ooh.  My hands were so stiff by the end of the period that I had to concentrate so I didn’t drop my pencil.  Brrr.  Which meant the HOT bike ride home felt good, actually.  So now I’m trying to convince myself to do the chemical equation thing for my Cycles class, but I’m not doing so well.  What I really want to do is make a pizza, and eat the whole thing in one go.  Mmm.  I think I will, and do chemistry while it bakes.  What a master of compromise am I.

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