Waiting no more

Ah …

I could practically hear the sigh of relief when the rain started this afternoon.  The thunder made me jump, and then a wave of water came down over the roof, spattering on the windows and filling the drainpipes.  Mmm.  Usually I would stand by the door and watch, and inhale the wet air, but this time I drove up north to a friend’s, and it was wonderful trying to get into my car with the wind and the rain and the lightning all trying to pull me away.  The parking lot was three inches deep in water, and the wind was pushing the door shut, and the lightning made me flinch.  It was exhilarating.  I’ve never driven in rain like that before, and it wasn’t just the water all over the windshield, but also the water flooding the roads.  I learned not to drive in the curbside lane, if you can, because it will be the deepest, and oncoming cars will sometimes push a wave of water up and over your windshield, which the wipers can’t handle in one go, so you have to give it a second.  What fun.

It’s all over now, and the pavement is already drying, so I guess we go back to the status quo.  Waiting for the rain…

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