The quick and dirty pie!

The best way to avoid impossible homework: make pie.

I bought six huge peaches last week, hoping to make a pie out of them, but they were hard as rocks, so I set them out on my counter.  I checked them every morning and evening, waiting for them to ripen, so I could pop them in the fridge and let them wait for their fellows to catch up.  Two performed just as I wanted them to.  The others…peach mutiny!  Two rotted so badly I had to just throw them out, holding each squishy black thing between two fingers, resisting the urge to gag.  And that was in the course of one day, while I was off at class.  Wow.  Fungi, I salute your work ethic.  The last two peaches had fuzzy navels (fuzzier than usual – I mean, they are peaches), so I performed produce surgery on my final clutch of four, and got enough good fruit to almost fill my lovely green casserole.  Not my pie dish, sadly.  Although, I have to say, a rectangular pie is oddly appealing.

It’s smelling up my apartment right now, and I just heard a sizzle, so I think it just bubbled over.  Crap!

False alarm.  All is well.  God, it smells even better since I opened the oven door.  Mmmm.

Anyway, I’m calling this the quick and dirty pie because I threw it together in about 20 minutes, and my kitchen is a MESS!  🙂  Plus I didn’t really use a recipe, apart from my favorite pate sucree recipe, which is so simple it hardly counts.  And if you’ve baked (wow, I originally typed that as ‘naked!’) with me, you know I am a stickler for the rules.  This is probably the most spontaneous baked item I’ve ever made.  And unless I jinx it right now, it looks like it’s going to turn out wonderfully.  Knock wood!



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