Parrots in the grass

I was waiting for a parking spot so I could go running in the rain, and I looked over to my right, and there they were!  Little green parrots with grey chests, squalling in the grass, fighting over seeds.  Suddenly my day felt magical.

After that run (which turned out to be more painful than magical), I came back to my apartment and decided to knit rather than going to bed at 3:00 in the afternoon, as my body was telling me to do. I’m at that point in my green cable sweater where no matter how much I knit, the torso just doesn’t seem to be getting any longer…  Torso limbo.  This is why I like cables so much – they give me little goals to reach – two more rows and you get to cross again!  Keep knitting!  It’s wonderful.  If only I could find the equivalent sort of thing for running.  Only two more miles and you get to…what?  Collapse?  Be carried home on a pillow with an ice cold drink in hand?  That would be nice.  But all I can come up with is ‘Only two more miles and then you get to … run two more miles!’  Or ten more.

But then I remember – this last run it was parrots.  The run before that, it was dragonflies overhead, silhouettes against a grey sky.  Before that, an owl right over the trail that no one else seemed to realize was there.  And before that, trumpeter swans.  So maybe it’s … run two more miles, and who knows what you might find?

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