I am not an elf

Clearly.  I am six feet tall.  However, I have been running around knitting and baking and making stuff for Christmas almost non-stop since I got home, so…arguments could be made either way.

No one is getting anything as spectacular as a sweater this year – thank goodness!  But as of right now, there is a hat, a pair of mitts, and a dalek (yes, a dalek, and if you don’t know what that is, we are no longer friends) under way on various needles all over the house.  Uf-da!  Oh, plus a doggie sweater.

So much creation going on, it’s quite exciting.  In a slow, very boring to watch kind of way.

Christmas cookies are in progress – two types have been made, the third is still waiting.  It was a bit of a thing; we ran out of flour.  Unbelievable!  Three freezers in this house (yes, three, two have been kept from successive remodels so we can store more food) and not a speck of spare flour anywhere.  Of any kind!  I found cornmeal.  Which does not work for butter cookies.  So I had to combine white flour, whole wheat flour, and whole wheat pastry flour just to scrape together enough dough for one round.  For the first time, the butter cookies were nicely browned before they even went in the oven.  Yum!

Actually, though, they came out quite nice, and Mom let me use some of her to-die-for cherry and apricot jams for the cookie centers.  Oh, heaven… Who knew canning could later equal delicious cookies?

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