Here we go again!

Yesterday was the broadcast of the Ironman World Championship from Kona, HI.  It happened way back in October, but I managed to stay on news blackout until yesterday – Chrissie Wellington went 3-peat!  Wow.  And now I am all inspired to start up with training again.  Good thing, too.  I’m turning into a slug.  Too much knitting.  🙂

So the plan is to aim for a 22 minute swim, and a 8:22 minute mile pace on the run.  Whatever happens on the bike, happens.  I’ve never run anything that fast in my life, thus the loosey-goosey bike goal.  The focus this time around is on the run – maybe if I get fast enough, I’ll start to enjoy it!

And what about all the knitting, you ask?  Well, that’s moving along nicely.  All five projects, or whatever it is at this point.  I can say with great assurance, however, that I will never be knitting another piece of double knit fabric as long as I live.  Never.

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