A most ethereal sky

The clouds over the mountains are the most delicate shade of peach right now, and they are trailing wisps of yellow down into an orange sky.  It’s lovely.

I am trying desperately to finish this hat for a lucky (or unlucky!) someone tomorrow morning – it turned out rather egg-shaped.  But the recipient has a large noggin (in a good way) so maybe it will look alright.  If I get it done!  Christmas has sort of snuck up on all of us this year.  As the sunset description may have told you, it was a drop-dead gorgeous day, sunny and clear.  So it didn’t feel like Christmas Eve.  I think we are all going to wake up tomorrow surprised, just like little kids again.

New Years is, of course, more of a big deal in our house, so maybe it will feel more festive once we get to next week.


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