New Year, New Decade

Happy New Year everyone!  Whatever your tradition may be, I hope it was wonderful and festive.  Ours certainly was!

Fondue with our neighbors who are pretty much an extension of our family has become an unshakeable tradition, even more important than Christmas.  This year we hosted again, since they hosted twice in a row when my parents remodeled.  As usual, there were too many pu pus to count, but I shall give it an honest try:

baked goat cheese puff things

pate and crostini

roasted olives

caramel/cheddar popcorn (yes, caramel/cheddar, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it)

handmade parma crackers

salmon dip

crab cakes (!!!  so good!)


And that was just the appetizers.  We both have families where the women are foodies, and the men will eat anything, so New Years has become a night to inflict experimental dishes on each other, usually with spectacular results.  This year was no different – who knew that a simple cheese cracker could be so stunning?

Dinner itself wasn’t until 10:30 (a new record), but was no less delicious for the delay.  Mom’s good old fondue recipe, brought all the way back from Switzerland, is about as legitimate as you can get.  Toasty, cheesy, melty amazingness.

And of course, dessert!  Assorted cookies, homemade caramels, and the crowning glory, cardamom creme brulee with Swedish pepparkakor instead of spoons.  Is it any wonder that I hang out at home instead of zipping back to campus?  Ha!

Resolutions, you ask?

start running regularly

invite people over more often

write more stories

oh, and write a masters thesis some time before I die…

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