Back to school

I know, it’s not September.  But I’ve been home for almost six weeks, so it feels almost like starting a new year, not just a new term.  This term brings the return of TA-ing, which will probably be a shock to my spoiled system.  What do you mean I no longer have all my time outside of classes to do my own work?  I have to grade papers now?  Boo!

But on the thesis front, things are looking up.  I am hoping (and determined!) to push through an idea about Hood Canal and nitrogen cycling.  How awesome would that be?  Nothing will keep me from doing something up here in the Northwest; I just can’t handle being in Texas the whole year ’round.  And keeping my hopes up for that makes it easier to face leaving.

Since it’s my penultimate night here in Seattle with all the luxuries of the parents’ house around me, I think I will go indulge and watch some Doctor Who on a TV that looks like it could eat my clunky set.  And just so I feel productive, I will work on my latest knitting project at the same time.

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