Excellent timing

Friday afternoon…what to do with this most relaxed window of time in the whole week…I’d love to start messing around with those hermit crab mittens…if only my yarn had come…

Lo and behold, it came!  Got back from classes on Friday afternoon and there it was, leaning against my door like an exhausted traveler.  That was a little too poetic, wasn’t it?  Yikes.

Anyway, the experimenting has begun!  Thank you Ann, for your wonderful suggestions – the variagated yarn I found looks perfect.  🙂

On another note, I have found a new song to be obsessed about – The Weary Kind, from the new movie Crazy Heart.  Which I haven’t seen, and probably won’t, unless I’m over at my parents’ house and they rent it.  It’s that sort of movie, I think.  But I saw the trailer, heard that song, and immediately went to iTunes and bought it.  I hardly ever do that.  Buy a song from a movie I haven’t seen, I mean.  Somehow it doesn’t seem right to me, as though I don’t know enough about the meaning or the impetus behind the song to really understand it.  Which is ridiculous – what about all those random songs on the radio?  Anyway.  I can’t get enough of this song.  So, if you’re feeling tired – like I am – or unsure about where you’re headed next – like I was – take a listen.  Just pick up your weary heart and give it one more try.  It works.

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