I suppose I have to

Because today is my birthday, I suppose I must blog about past birthdays, and my expectations for the future, right?  Except that I’m not very interested in writing about that.  Or not specifically.  Mostly I want to brag about the fact that someone has read this blog for the past 13 days straight, which is a new record!  It might not be an earth shattering record, but still.  We have to celebrate the small stuff, too.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m not sure what to write about.  The fact that being sick on your birthday sucks?  Of course it does, and everyone already knows that, so it’s not very interesting.  How about – presents are fun?  Again, everyone already knows that.  Birthdays are such a commonality among us all that it’s not really possible to come up with something profound to say.  So that’s it, folks.  That’s my take on birthdays.

Time for cake.  And Dayquil.

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1 Response to I suppose I have to

  1. anngirl says:

    that someone might have been me…i am your stalker.

    Happy birthday! I want to give you a present. I want you to go to ravelry and find a pattern you want but can’t bring yourself to spend money on cuz you know you could figure out how to make it for free if you wanted to. email me. 😉 i’ll also tell you the story of how i met your aunt and uncle on Friday and caused quite a stir.

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