A good reason to miss the bus

The bus?! you ask, shocked.  What happened to the hardcore bike commuter who scoffs at ice storms and snow warnings? She got sick.  Sue me.  🙂

Anyway, the bus, which I both love and hate, leaves from a stop a few blocks down from my building at school.  There are two ways to get from my building to the bus stop, and even though they are pretty equal in terms of distance and hilliness, I usually take the ‘low road’ just because it goes along the creek.  Now, this is not – I emphasize not – an especially pretty creek.  If you give it a minute, you’ll realize why – it flows through the UT campus.  50,000 undergrads do not a well-maintained waterway make.

So imagine my surprise: I’m walking along, trying to decide if leaving my running shoes in my office was stupid or not (answer – yes), when a strange motion catches my eye.  It’s not the flutter of a plastic bag caught in a tree.  It’s not the bobbing of a soda bottle floating away downstream.  It isn’t even the glint of an empty beer can winking up at me from the streambed.  It’s the bright yellow eye of a Great Blue Heron as it stalks along the water’s edge.  What?

I can’t help but think there has to be something wrong with this heron – but it’s gorgeous.  It isn’t ratty or ill, and when it sees me standing there, staring at it, it stops and looks at me out of one eye, as if to say what the heck are YOU looking at?  Rude much? I guess there’s more to this creek than I thought.

And that’s why I missed my bus.

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