Crunch time!

Here come midterm exams…or rather just ‘exam.’  I only have one that I have to take, but I have to write and give one in the class I am TA-ing, which in some ways is just as much work.  Oy!  But it’s the one I have to take that is starting to loom.  Like a big, scary, looming monster.  Chemistry!  Run for your life!

But really, I love that class.  There’s just so much to remember!  And for some reason I was expecting to be able to use my notes – no such luck!  Eeep!

To deal with all this stress, first I broke my couch.

Just kidding.  It did that on it’s own, while I was sitting quietly.  Very alarming, let me tell you.  So, since I could no longer enjoy my comfy furniture, I decided to indulge and make banana bread.  The word banana is very fun to type, I have just discovered.  Banana.  Banana.  I could do that all day!  But I digress … banana.  Sorry.  I am not allowed to type that word anymore.  This … bread is amazing!  It’s from a book called A Homemade Life, by Molly Wizenberg.  Great book, everyone should read it.  And it’s got lots of recipes in it, one of which is for … bread with crystallized ginger and chocolate chips.  YUM!  So I made that, with help from my friend Rachel, who had come over to watch the Olympics with me, and ended up laughing her head off at me and my broken couch.  It was an interesting evening, made better by this:

It is even more delicious than it looks, and as a bonus, I have leftover ginger that I have been snacking on all day – who knew this stuff was so tasty?!

Anyway, I have bandaged the couch with duct tape and a few nails, and hopefully it will hold together (it better, I’m sitting on it right now).  Time to go get a piece of that lovely … bread, and get to work studying for this exam.  If I get chocolate on my notes it’ll just help my concentration, right?


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