This is why pen pals are great

The newest source of fun in my life (and a little stress, but mostly fun) is the pen pal project that I found on Ravelry.  We signed up, and this mysterious person matched us with a pen pal, based on a series of silly questions.  This woman must be psychic, however, because my pen pal seems to be the perfect person for me to write back and forth with.  She likes geology (more on that in a sec!), she’s laid back, she doesn’t mind if my letters and packages are late (which they will be), and she’s at the same sort of place in her life – as in, she’s close to finishing school and can’t wait to be done.

I said I’d demonstrate the fact that we both like geology – but it’s more than that.  We’re both cheerfully geeky about the whole thing.  How do I know?  In our first package exchange, we could send the other person a handmade item.  What do we both choose?  And I emphasize that we did not consult on this, it was meant to be a surprise!  We both made trilobites. What are the odds?!

you lookin' at me?

Bitey's new home! Isn't he cute!

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