Secrets and stress

I discovered Postsecret the other day, and I am fascinated.

I really want to contribute something, but for some reason I’m writing about that here, on my blog, where anyone can see it!  Kind of defeats the purpose, wouldn’t you think? Well, obviously I’m not going to share any deep dark secrets here (not sure I have one, anyway), and if I wanted to rant at someone, it would be anonymously, with fake names, someplace where the person, persons, or events can never find me. That’s the point. Venting in safety is cathartic – starting a war is not.

I guess the point of writing about all this is just that the last couple of days have reminded me that sometimes buckling down and pushing through is the way to go. Other times it isn’t.  Sometimes it helps to stop, stand up, take a breath, and complain to someone.  And then go see a silly movie, eat some popcorn, laugh a little, and get back to work.

So this is me, taking the time to say that life is a little too busy right now. And tonight, I’m going to a movie. A silly cartoon movie! Take that, homework.

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