This might ramble…

…because I’m mostly writing this post since I noticed it’s been a while since the last one. Oops. Clearly I’ve been busy! Lab work is trucking along, in fits and starts. I finally wised up and brought a knitting project with me to the lab, for all those empty minutes waiting for the system to equilibrate, so the boredom factor is decreasing. Somehow I don’t think the knitting will make it into my procedural description! All this progress is great because it means I can leave for two weeks and not feel guilty about being away for so long.

Those two weeks will be spent at home, packing in as much summer fun as possible. I’ve been getting plenty of summer heat down here, so it’s time for all the things I’ve been missing out on, like playing outside with the dogs, sitting on the deck without melting, hunting for blackberries, going to the beach and playing with the dogs, swimming in the lake (alright, I do that here, too, but the weeds in Texas are creepier so its not as fun). I guess I just want to get outside as much as  I can, since stepping out the door down here without passing out means doing it at six a.m. or else slathering on SPF 90 sunscreen, which kind of takes the carefree fun out of the day.

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