Okay, it actually IS cold today.

Whew.  It’s about 35 degrees right now, and for Texas, that’s COLD. I don’t really have any clothing down here to deal with temperatures that low, so I’m going to go ahead and freak out along with the locals. I think it will be fun. I’ll get out my quilt, that I never get to use, and make myself huge mugs of tea, and encourage the cat to sit on me all day. And, since the windchill of a bike ride to campus might be enough to kill me, I think I’ll take the day off from lab work (too easy to make that decision!).

the aforementioned cat

The only downside I see in this situation is that it’s too cold to go for my run. Usually I love running when it’s cold, but I really don’t have anything to wear. Everything is either too thin or too heavy. Good for running in the heat, or walking around in the cold. I can visualize the little stack of XC ski clothes in my closet at home in Seattle, mocking me with their cold-weather exercise perfection. ARG!

The frustration is especially acute because I just counted, and I have seventeen days until I will be “running” a half marathon. Um – whose idea was that? I seem to recall the thought that it would give me incentive to keep running over winter break, but that was before I had a mole removed from smack in the middle of my left calf muscle (all clear – yay!) and had to limp around for two weeks. So instead of being in shape for a 13.1 mile run, I’m in shape for a 3 mile run.

This is turning into a rant.  Time to change the subject!

To compensate for the dearth of running, since I refuse to go to campus and run inside on the dreadmill, I’m spending the day at the house, knitting and reading papers, and dinking around on the internet (obviously). I might get nuts later and clean my room, so I can finally be rid of the Evil Collapsing Couch. I’m debating sawing the legs off and keeping the frame, or just chucking the whole thing. I think I’m partial to the chucking option.

Maybe I’ll keep the pillows to build forts next time the temperature drops.

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