Twenty minutes to kill…

So I’ll have a little triathlon update, both real and knitted! On the real triathlon side of things, the Texas Triathletes will be sending a full team – seven women, seven men – to USAT Collegiate Nationals for the first time! I’m completely over the moon about that. And the fact that I get to be one of those lucky seven? Well…let’s just say I’m both ecstatic and grateful. It’ll be my last shot, and I’m not going to waste my chance. Not that I’ll win anything, of course, I’m much too slow for that, but I’ve made up my mind to PR. By a lot. Mwahahaha. ‘Ware to the person who gets in my way in the water – the mollyfish is on the hunt.

And on the knitting side of things?  I’m so proud:

Yes, that is a triathlon-themed hat, designed and knitted by yours truly, specifically so I don’t freeze my tushie off setting up in transition like last year. I adore this hat! And, it fits snugly enough that it can hide under a bike helmet in a pinch. How cool am I? Here’s a closer look, so you can see the little sneaker prints around the top properly:

And if anyone points out that the frame geometry is wrong for a tri bike…well, then, you win the prize for being a bigger triathlon geek than me.

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