My right knee has that characteristic arc of road dust on it from stopping at lights and letting my front wheel bump companionably against my leg. I’m talking, of course, about the weekly Saturday ride with the Texas Triathletes. It’s spring break, officially, so we had a small bunch today, only four, but it was still wonderful. As a triathlete, I’m mostly used to riding by myself, or at least far enough away from other riders that conversation is impossible (all you ITU folks have no idea what I’m talking about…). So the chance to ride in a peloton – do four people who aren’t racing count as a peloton? I don’t care, I like the word – is something not to be missed. Even if I was up until 4 am (18 hours!?!) working on spreadsheets for my thesis. On the Friday of spring break.

But I’m not bitter.  Know why?  All those endorphins…

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