Spring cleaning and the Sounders…

… plus a nice little run around Lake Pflugerville this morning. I had to get out of town to find some solitude – silly SXSW has taken over Austin, so it’s impossible to find empty space to go running.

Came back to the house and went on a cleaning rampage – you could eat off our fridge shelves, or the bathroom floor, it’s your choice, they are both spotless.  🙂

And then tonight … drumroll please … soccer season is back! The Sounders are kicking off (ha ha) the season against the LA Galaxy, who have a history of wiping the floor with us, but I think this year will be different. I have an official jersey to wear, plus my scarf, so I’ll be supporting our boys properly this time around. And I’m having non-soccer-freak friends over to watch with me, so losing would just be really bad form.

Time to go get some munchies for tonight … I’m thinking Red Hook ale, to be appropriately Seattle, and of course Kirbey Lane queso because it’s delicious, and who needs a better reason than that?

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