Five years ago, in a college town far, far away…

Can it really be that five years have passed since I graduated from college? Apparently, since this past weekend was my five-year reunion. I had hoped to be free and clear of Texas by the time it rolled around, but I’m not quite there. Soon!

Going back to Carleton was strange and wonderful and comforting all at once. At first, I felt lost. I knew that it should feel familiar, a little bit like coming home, but I found myself unable to recall the names of some of the buildings, or even how to get into the dorm I was staying in. But as I wandered around, and began to see people I knew, it started coming back.

By the end of the afternoon I was barefoot on the Bald Spot, tossing a frisbee around, just like nothing had ever changed. What a relief it was to find my old self still intact. The whole weekend was like that – rediscovering the person I was in college, reconnecting with all the things I hoped for back then. The timing for all of this was nearly perfect. As I wrap things up here in Texas, I find myself turning back to my old journals to look for directions about what to do next. Going back to Carleton was like stepping into the past – much better than words scribbled on paper.

And after a weekend of nostalgia, I got to spend a day or so with my brother and sister-in-law, getting all excited about the future … I’m going to be an auntie!  The knitting possibilities boggle the mind.

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