Fun with Palette(s)

A few months ago I was lucky enough to participate in a group order of KnitPicks wonderful Palette yarn. It let me get a substantial sample of each color – enough to swatch with – without ordering over 100 balls of yarn (if you’d like to find a similar opportunity, check out the KnitPicks Lovers group on Ravelry).

Of course, having all these wonderful bits of color floating around on the dining room table was too much to resist. I simply had to sit down and play, combining mini-skeins until the poor dog came over and whined at me. Oh, right, real life obligations!

After a quick break to take the pup to the lake for a swim (in the rain – it’s definitely fall), I came back and whipped all that play into shape. Here are my results:

I’m sure there will be more of these to come, as we head deeper into the fall and the leaves start to change. But for now – it’s time to swatch!

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