One sunny day in November

A dry day? In November?!  Yes, it really happened.  So I grabbed my camera and went leaf-peeping. Which sounds vaguely dirty, I think. But rest assured, I was only interested in stalking the gorgeous fall color we got this year. According to the local news, the weather all year set us up for a spectacular fall, and it sure has been so far. And I thought it was just me, reveling in my first real fall in three years (sorry, Texas, one day of crisp weather in October does not equal autumn)!

But see for yourself (I’ve labeled the plant if I know what it is – if you know what something is, please let me know, I’d love to learn!):

dried blue hydrangea Hydrangea

spiral-growth succulent Not sure about this one – Mom knew what it was, of course!

dried pink hydrangea Another hydrangea

yellow and red maples Maples, of course

red vine maple A vine maple

japanese maple A (very) Japanese maple

red smokebush Smokebush

purple smokebush … also smokebush, from the same plant!

orange smokebush … and smokebush again, still from the same plant.  Whoa.

Clerodendrum berries Clerodendrum berries. We have one in the back yard, but it doesn’t produce these berries.  😦

dogwood fruits Dogwood fruits

dogwood leaves Dogwood leaves

snowberries Snowberry

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