Thinking about beginnings

Knitted beginnings, that is. I found this list of cast-on techniques and immediately realized that I use the Long-Tail Cast-On almost exclusively. The only exception is when I’m making something with a wrist cuff, like fingerless mitts. Then I use the Italian Tubular Cast-On, simply because it is so awesome for making a stretchy 1×1 ribbed edge (if you’ve never tried it, take a look at this tutorial – you’ll be amazed).

So why the slavish devotion to the Long Tail? Well, it’s the first technique I learned – I think. It’s certainly the one my Mom taught me, but I learned to knit “for real” from my fourth grade teacher, along with the rest of my class, and I can’t imagine she picked the Long Tail over, say, Knitting On. Especially for kids! So there’s the undeniable fact that Long Tail is the most familiar to me. And by now, after 20 years of knitting (really?), habits are hard to break.

But now I’m curious – what have I been missing all these years? I think it’s time for some new beginnings.

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