I am the cardboard queen

In preparation for actually making paper, I am making myself a drying system. It will consist of cardboard-cotton-cardboard “sandwiches,” stacked on top of one another (since I can’t afford to knock down a wall and replace it with a heated stainless steel sheet). The cardboard, being corrugated, lets air circulate, while the cotton helps wick moisture out of the new sheets of paper. In theory, anyway.

This style of dryer works best when the cardboard is double-wall corrugated, which is just a fancy way of saying it is a little cardboard sandwich, itself.  Two layers of corrugation for twice the airflow! Problem is, double-wall corrugated is not as easy to find as regular ol’ normal cardboard. But I found a place that would let me order some, and I picked it up this week on Monday.

Well. I got home, unloaded, and realized that 48″ x 36″ sheets are enormous. So what did I do? I got out my trusty box cutter, and the hugest cutting mat I could find, and went to work.

Hours later, I had cut all 44 sheets in half, declared myself queen of all things cardboard, and hauled them down to their destination: the guest bath.

stack of cardboard spanning the bathtub

Let’s just hope this thing doesn’t touch the ceiling after I add the absorbent cotton layers…

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