The pressure is mounting

But only because the press is now functioning! I think we called this thing the Armadillo when I was at Carleton, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since it has a plastic anteater on it. Then again, the fact that it has an anteater on it doesn’t really make sense, either, so let’s just go with it and dub it The Armadillo.

a hydraulic press

Isn’t it pretty? And look at what it’s sitting on – table no. 1!

The Armadillo’s job is to squeeze most of the water out of newly formed paper, so that it can dry faster (in theory – more on that later). It also helps with paper strength and texture. And it can do a really cool embossing trick if I put something textured in there with the paper.

Stay tuned for more progress reports – things are suddenly moving forward at a ferocious pace!

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